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P. O. Box 897 Douglasville, Georgia, 30132


Service Location:
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*Subdivision Name:
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Should we disconnect and retire an existing temporary pole?
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Any phone number, including wireless, may be used by GreyStone Power to contact you.
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Please provide a name and phone number to be utilized by GreyStone Operations staff to contact appropriate personnel regarding problematic field conditions.
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When providing electrical service to the above address GreyStone Power may be required to install overhead facilities, pole(s), and/or guy wire (s) and/or anchor(s).

When requested and/or available, installing underground facilities will require that GreyStone Power use shovel, backhoe, and/or trencher(s). The owner / developer / builder assume all liability for damage to facilities not properly located, marked, or identified. This includes all facilities installed but not limited to septic/sewer, sprinkler systems and/or other utilities, and is the responsibility of the owner / developer / builder to properly identify all these facilities. GreyStone Power will make every reasonable effort to avoid damage to such facilities.

Locate marks should be maintained and visually evident when the installation of electric lines begins.

Access to the property must be available. GreyStone Power will not be liable for damage to retaining walls, driveways, sidewalks, lawns or flowerbeds if they are in the direct path of construction of the electric lines and in the agreed upon service corridor.

I acknowledge that the meter base has been installed and that the service corridor is clear and will remain clear prior to service installation.

I, the Owner / Builder / Developer or Authorized Representative, have read, understand and agree to all of the above.

Please verify the following items:
*Lot is at final grade:
*Path is clear:
*Meter base is installed:
If the meter base is installed, is the service greater than 200 amps?
Service greater than 200 amps?:

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