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Please complete this form only to transfer your service to a new residence.
If you are not currently a GreyStone member and wish to sign up for new service click here.
If you wish to disconnect your GreyStone service AND are not transferring service to a new residence please click here.
Please allow 3 business days to process orders.
GreyStone does not connect or disconnect service on Saturdays, Sundays or business holidays.

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The following information will be used for the purpose of a credit check.
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Would you like Postpaid (regular) Billing or Prepaid Billing?
With Postpaid Billing you use power up front and pay for it later. GreyStone Power bills members monthly for usage and payment is due when rendered. Members using Postpaid Billing may be required to pay a deposit based upon credit history. The deposit is returned to members when they leave the system or after 18 consecutive months with on time payments.

Looking to take control of your energy usage and customize your payment schedule? A Prepaid account gives you the flexibility for when and how much you wish to pay - without deposits, late charges, disconnect or reconnect fees. Click here to read more about how our pay-as-you-go program can work for you!
Do you wish to enroll in E-Bill?
If checked, bill notifications will be sent to the email address you provide below.
Other offers:
Take advantage of these offers to enhance your membership! Click the links below for more information. By signing this application, you consent to our partners contacting you in the coming days with offers that may be beneficial to you.
EMC Security - Home protection for as little as $16.95/month
Gas South - GreyStone members enjoy discounts on natural gas. To save on natural gas as a GreyStone Member, enroll with Gas South using promo code "GreyStone".
Operation Roundup - Round to the next dollar to donate to worthy charities in our area
Where should we mail your bill?
Contact Information:
Any phone number provided, including wireless, may be used by GreyStone Power to contact you.
For Prepaid service your mobile number and carrier are required.
   (Full Name)
   Mon - Fri between 8 AM & 5 PM
New Construction Only:
Click here to review or download GreyStone's Prepaid Terms and Conditions as a PDF Document. Only applicable if this account is started as or converted to Prepaid service.

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