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This rate is not designed to save money for the typical member. It is designed for members with electric vehicles or other smart appliances/devices that can shift their electric use from high-cost on-peak periods to low-cost off-peak periods.
Your next bill will still be on the residential rate. On your next regularly scheduled read date, the meter will be changed and the EV rate rate will be effective from that date.
Once you have received your first bill on the EV rate, the rate is locked in and cannot be changed for 12 months.
The EV rate is applied to all kilowatt hour (kWh) electric use recorded through the meter, not just electric vehicle charging.
The highest charge of $0.203/kWh on the EV rate is applied to electricity use from June 1st- through September Sept. 30th from 2:00p.m. to 8:00p.m. on weekdays.

If this information is not correct, please log in to your account and update your profile.

If you stop electric service on your current account, we will automatically transfer your block reservation if you have another eligible account. If you stop service and have no eligible account, your reserved blocks will be made available to other members. You can re-enroll for Cooperative Solar whenever you have an eligible account, but depending on availability you may have to wait for blocks to become available.

There is no contract, so you may cancel your reservation at any time by speaking with a GreyStone representative over the phone or in one of our offices.

Thanks for being part of Cooperative Solar!

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