Application for Interconnection of Distributed Generation

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In addition to submitting this form, the applicant must also click here to view, print, and sign the Interconnection Agreement. The signed Agreement should be mailed to: Lisa London, P.O. Box 897, Douglasville, GA 30133.

This application should be completed and submitted at least 30 days prior to the member's proposed interconnection date in order to begin processing the request. Members must not operate their distributed generation facilities in parallel with GreyStone Power's distribution system until they have received authorization from GreyStone Power. Unauthorized parallel operation of member's distributed generation facilities could result in injury to persons and/or damage to equipment or property.

For questions or more information, contact Lisa Lonon at Phone: 770-370-2042 or Fax: 770-370-2064.

Member/Applicant Information
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Electrical Contractor
The system will be installed in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications as well as all applicable provisions of the National Electrical Code and meet all local permitting guidelines.
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Generating Facility Information
Supporting documentation/contractor invoice to be provided to GreyStone.
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My below signature confirms that I am the owner of the property where the solar application is installed and accept responsibility for the accuracy of the above information. I have read GreyStone's Distributed Generation Policy. I also understand that the proper installation and performance of the solar application is the sole responsibility of me, the installing contractors, and the equipment manufacturers.

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